Let me tell you my philosophy of teaching: I love teaching!

Yes, as short as that! I simply love doing it. I get excited when I prepare a syllabus and do my best to pass that excitement to the classroom throughout the semester.


After a good education in teaching during my undergraduate years at METU FLE, I had opportunity to teach in a variety of settings in my professional career. I started as an English instructor at the Basic English School of Atilim University. Then, I began my master's at the Department of Linguistics at Hacettepe University where I was offered a Research Assistantship position. Due to the lack of faculty, I taught some undergraduate linguistics as an instructor. Then, my teaching life continued in the US when I started my PhD at the Department of Linguistics at SBU. I taught a wide variety of courses at SBU and other colleges, as demonstrated in this diagram and also verbalized more in my resume.

Also, I should mention that I've been lucky enough to work with amazing teaching role models namely Richard Larson, John Bailyn and Nalan Büyükkantarcıoğlu


President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student