The broad perspectives of my research involve

Specifically, I am interested in understanding the mechanisms triggering a sense of acceptability for linguistic structures that are in fact unacceptable. It's quite interesting to observe that language comprehension mechanisms fail to function perfectly in some cases given the overall sharp accuracy. Apparently there is an intricate set of operations involving the grammatical knowledge, the parser, memory systems and measurement method that have a finger in the illusion pie. Thanks to the great work of the Colin Phillips' lab we know that faster measurement methods provide inducing environments when comprehenders perceive the unacceptable as acceptable. However, more work is needed to provide evidence for the remaining factors' level of involvement. That's is exactly what I'm doing in my current research. As a case study, I am studying the processing negative polarity item (NPI) licensing dependencies which, due to their structural nature, offer various illusory platforms to investigate the degrees of interaction among the factors at play.

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