Natural Language Processing

It's really a quite exciting experience to help computers advance their natural language processing and understanding. Here are my experiences in the NLP industry:

I worked as a part-time computational linguist at NTENT in the build-up of the semantic search engine for the Turkish language. I was part of the development team at this project where I extended the available semantic processing to Turkish language and enabling the search quality evaluation. To do so, I managed the extensive ontology by making necessary modifications on the concepts of the knowledge representation. Moreover, for specific ambiguous or language specific expressions, I developed semantic relation frameworks and then I performed functional tests to ensure quality standards.

Before joining the NTENT team, I worked as a computational linguist developing the Turkish grammar for the error correction and detection program of the Microsoft Office 15. I was part of the Development Team at this project and I had a good amount of experience in annotation as well as filtering and mining software. Drawing upon the results from filtering and mining, I wrote linguistic error critiques that contained structured linguistic descriptions as well as annotation rules in accordance with the proprietary linguistic software. In the absence of a POS tagging, I wrote string-based computational rules wrapped around regular expressions. Then, I implemented and tested each annotation in the grammar of the linguistic software. The project ended up being a great success.

My computational experience at these two projects has opened a new adrenalin in my life.