Hi, I’m Aydogan Yanilmaz. Thanks for visiting! Below you can find a brief overview of my current whatabouts:

My academic life

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Linguistics in Stony Brook University. Under the guidance of John E. Drury, I am studying the brain responses of the factors causing interference while parsing non-adjacent dependencies. My dissertation work is awarded by an NSF grant. More about my research.

My industrial life

I work as a freelance computational linguist. Lastly, I worked as a computational linguist at NTENT where I worked as a developer in semantic search for natural language processing. I designed computational patterns to dissolve ambiguity or to rank query classification for relevant widgets. More about my NLP experience.


Here is my current resume.

Recent News
3 posters at CUNY18 to be held in UC Davis.
A talk at ConCALL-3 to be held in UI Bloomington.
Teaching PSY 260 at Stony Brook University.